Covid-19 Precautions

The following are the steps we are taking to ensure you have a safe adventure:

  • All bookings offer a private option. Select the "Private Event" button when you book and ou won't have to interact with anyone you didn't bring.

  • Staggered start times for games. This ensures you have a safe and private experience and allows time to clean the room in-between bookings.

  • Enhanced cleaning practices.

    • All rooms are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines. This includes all surfaces and puzzle elements in-between every game.

    • Hand sanitizer is provided for both employees and guests. Soap and water hand-washing areas are also provided in two separate sink areas.

  • Employees are provided with face masks and gloves. These items are also provided to any member of the public who requests them.

  • We filter our air with MERV-13 electrostatic pleated filters as recommended with current guidelines.